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A property valuation report may be needed for various reasons, such as for the purchase of a home, to get a mortgage, for the renovation of your home, a divorce, for inheritance-tax purposes if you inherit a property, or to compile annual accounts. All our valuation reports comply with the strict regulations and standards demanded by lenders. Our reports are validated (approved) online by the Dutch Association of Property Appraisers (NWWI) or by the Dutch Property Appraisers’ Union.

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We are Anke Knottenbelt, Fleur Renes, and Boudine Preyde. In the summer of 2021, we opened the doors of our partnered office in Amsterdam for the first time. Our partnership may be new perhaps, but we are certainly no newcomers to the real-estate business. The three of us represent almost 70 years of experience in greater Amsterdam. Our real estate agency ‘t Huys Makelaardij combines all of our expertise and experience, and we add a great deal of fun to it. What drives us is our love for houses, people, and stories. And we cannot help liking 'out of the box’, exceptional questions, a challenge.

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Our valuation reports meet the strict requirements and standards required by lenders. For example, our reports are validated (approved) online by the NWWI or by the Valuers Union.

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